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Charcoal Chunky Knit Throw


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Double to Queen Bed or Chair Throw 600mm x 1500mm


Made from internationally classed super-fine Merino wool (18-micron).



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Product Description

What makes the charcoal chunky knit throw so awesome?

Charcoal Chunky Knit Throw. Cosy. Comforting. Soft. Cuddly.

There are so many reasons to love a charcoal chunky knit throw. They are super soft, warm and above all else so incredibly eye catchingly sexy.

A cloud of oversized stitches.

Ordering your Charcoal Chunky Knit Throw

All current stock of our charcoal chunky knit throws are listed on our website. Ready to ship.

Why we use 18-micron wool?

Our throws are made from 18-micron wool. Our chunky knit throws are made from internationally classed super-fine Merino wool.

A micron is an internationally classed term used and describes the thickness of each strand of wool. The lower the number the finer and softer the wool.

It’s for this reason we only use 18-micron wool. Wool above 20 microns is coarse and friction can  cause more pilling than expected.

Anyhow who doesn’t love thick soft luscious wool? Textured, tactile and cosy.

All our throws are made with love.

Why a chunky knit throw?

Fresh, layered room without going to the expense or permanency of a new paintwork or wallpaper design.

I am obsessed with chunky knits! Our chunky knit throws are pretty fantastic to cuddle up with or simply draped over a couch, bed or chair. Chunky knit throws add personality to a space.

Texture in the home is everything and it is often missed when we decorate our spaces. A design edge helps a space appear less dimensional and flat.

Throws are style makers and even with a white or neutral pallet, a chunky knit throw can add so much.

How to create texture, personality and interest with throws:

  • perfectly imperfect look – chunky knits are playful and love to be messy
  • no-fuss look – neatly folded over the back of the couch
  • meticulously thrown over the edge
  • sizing is not nearly as important as we may think. A chair size throw looks wonderful over the corner of your Queen or King bed
  • pop of colour – throws are a great way to work a colour into a room
  • textures make a room feel warmer and more grounded, while we tend to associate sleek finishes with a modern look.

How do chunky knit throws get so chunky?

Chunky Knit throws are made from wool tops or wool roving which are unspun wool fibres which have been brushed so the fibres all lay in the one direction. They are bundled together and we arm knit or use large needles to knit the designs.

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Caring for me

Refer to our About Us page for care information on our wool.

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