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Black Round Button Cushion

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Size: 40cm


Material: 100% Australian Merino Wool (18 micron super-fine wool)


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Product Description

Cheeky Black Round Cushion.

Cosy. Comforting. Soft. Cuddly.

Our Black Round Cushion that looks and feels like a powder puff.  Perfectly gorgeous all on its own.

Made from thick 18 micron (super-fine) 100% Australian chunky merino wool.

About our wool

Merino sheep in Australia are bred primarily for fine quality merino wool. Merino sheep arrived in Australia in 1788 and originated from Spain.

We only ever use Australian Merino Roving or Chunky Knit Wool and its sourced here in Australia.  See About Our Wool and Cotton for more information.

Because of the nature of chunky merino wool as being super soft nature we choose to use 18 micron wool for our throws and powder puff cushions.

What is a micron?

A micron describes the diameter of wool fibre. 18 micron wool is internationally classed as ‘super-fine wool’ and it’s easy to see why. Black Round Cushion


Some interesting facts about merino wool:

  • The wool coat on merino sheep never stops growing. Sheep wool are sheared yearly to keep them cool
  • Self-cleaning and contains a natural ingredient called creatine which stops the merino wool absorbing smells and odours
  • Perfectly breathable and brilliant for babies
  • Contains chemical lanolin, which has antibacterial properties

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